Free Guitar & Music Software

Good software doesn't have to be expensive. Whether it's a metronome, music notation, or multi-track recording software, there are some great free music programs. For example, if you want free music notation, chose Powertab, Tux and others that work great.

Convert to mp3I used this on XP but despite its name, it works fine on Win 7 64bit too. You need "lame" and other software for it to run. Links are provided during install.
Digital Recording
AudacityVery useful recording and editing multi-track software. With the "Lame" plugin you can also output mp3s.
ReaperUnrestricted trial license. Powerful, easy to setup and more intuitive than Cubase products that came with several of my recording devices.
Ear Training
Functional Ear TrainerBasic & advanced versions available to practice relative pitch and note intervals. *****
GNU SolfageNice ear training software. Free software - not totally polished but gets the job done and fun to use. Contains a help file with theory explanations.
Guitar Scale and Learning Software
NoteCard - fretboard learning softwareGoes up to 7th fret and also has piano notes.
Metronome EXPNice BIG display. Easy to use. A current favorite. Has features I didn't explore yet.
Web MetronomeSimple and very nice. There is nothing to download, just set the tempo and beat, then click and play.
Weird MetronomeDespite it's name, this is a nice easy to use metronome that can also create MIDI drum sequences.
Music Notation Software
Finale NotepadAn inexpensive and functional version ($10?) of the Finale suite called Notepad gives usable standard notation and tab. Some limitations may make you want to upgrade. I personally use PrintMusic.
Impro-visorNotation and improvisation software. Stumbled upon it, but not spent time with it yet. Looks like an awesome open-source contribution from Mr. Robert M. Keller. of Harvey Mudd College.
LilyPond Notation SoftwareIf you have patience to learn this, you can make great looking standard notation on this open source software.
NoteflightFree limited online account with paid upgrades including advanced MIDI options. Standard notation only - no TAB.
Power TabDownload and play 1000s of tab songs that play on Power Tab software. Create your own Guitar and Bass TAB & standard notation.
Scorio Music NotationOnline score writer for standard notation (no TAB). Save music online. Free accounts.
Tux GuitarFree TAB and standard notation software - reads and writes Guitar Pro files. I still love the advanced features of GP, but this is a great free alternative.